deckbeam again

Posted by Mislav on May 26, 2005

For those who did't read previous thread I believed that I made deckbeam with slightly bigger radius than the plans indicated. My impresion was that deckbeam looked more like parabollic than round. I'm building a rowing shell that has the deckbeam between front bulkhead and the bow.

Today I used my deckbeam as a template for planing sheer clamps and bulkheads. Deckbeam shape mathches those of bulkheads perfectly and sheer clamps also appear fair and matching deckbeam shape with only slight gap appearing occasionally on the inside edge of sheer clamps.

Now the problem: I mounted deckbeam at it's place and streched a straight batten between bow and froznt bulkhead and guess what - there is a gap of about 1/4" between batten and the top edge of the deckbeam. It only appears in the middle 2-3" of the deckbeam, while near the edges it lies flat on the deckbeam.

I guess I could procced in two ways:

1. plane the middle of the bulkhead top until the batten lies perfectly flat on both deckbeam and bulkhead (and bow of course)

2. forget everything and put a lot of thickened epoxy on the top of the deckbeam where the gap appears while gluing the deck

Any other suggestion?