Re: epoxie temperature

Posted by Mark Camp on May 25, 2005

47 is about the coldest I would put on epoxy using Fast hardener. 55 would be better.

Some folks here have said NO to applying in the 40's and 50's but I've done it and I have not had problems. Then again, my boat's not been in the water yet :-)

I would NOT use regular or slow hardener at all at this temp.

You said the epoxy is good and warm and that's critically important.

Be sure the stuff will have a day to harden up before the temperature starts climbing much. It is GOOD for the temp to FALL after applying. (Draws the mix into the pores of the wood). It is BAD for the temp to RISE much after applying. (You can get bubbles).

In Response to: epoxie temperature by Peter on May 25, 2005