Re: spring back of flush

Posted by CLC on May 25, 2005

>>>>>Bottom line is it wouldn't hurt to tighten that radius a bit on your forms.


I agree, but I don't think it needs much. Given the amount of gluing surface and thin "layup" (8mm versus 30mm of the old deckbeams) there seems to be very little inclination to spring back.

The full-size pattern on the Flush Hatch plans for the laminating mold is pretty close to the final radius of the deck. We've installed the stock flush hatch system on our showroom West River 18 and Sport Tandem, and the finished forward hatches are "sprung back" about 1/16" when you unlatch them, but flush when you latch them. The aft hatches have no springback on either boat. The molds we used are still hanging around and match the plans.

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