Re: spring back of flush

Posted by patrick forrester on May 25, 2005

I wonder if I go forward and then have a problem if I could add more curve to the 8mm hatch forceing them down to a set of ribs like you do with the normal 4mm hatch covers.

Anyway I am sure there will be some (may be near zero ) bounce back. And if my jig matches the radious of my deck, putting the hatch on top of the jig will result in a larger radious ( it will be minor ) becuase it is on the outside of the jig thus making a bigger radious.

Anyway I am going to do a little bit of sanding on the jigs to reduce their radious to less than my deck radious. I am only going to do it a litte bit though.

If I hear a reply from somebody with experience in this I may change my plan.

I really hope to hear from somebody soon. I need to finish my boat for a trip.

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