Re: spring back of flush

Posted by George K on May 25, 2005


I went about recessed hatches a different way. I didn't want the extra weight of an additional layer of plywood so I used the hatch formers that came with the kit and just made sure they were the same radius as the deck. I epoxied them to the deck cut-out (I used the cut-out from the deck so the grain matched) and notched them to accept a bungee for my under-deck hold downs. Works well.

There is some spring-back in two layers of plywood and I'm wracking my brains as to where I've seen the chart. It gives the amount of spring-back expected for 'x' layers of plywood at 'x' radius. Maybe somebody else here can remember where I saw it! If I find it I'll let you know. Bottom line is it wouldn't hurt to tighten that radius a bit on your forms.

Happy building.


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