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Posted by T. Harper on May 25, 2005


I have been paddling with A Skinny stick for quite a few years. At first I did not like it but now I swear by it.

For me at least, its much easier on the shoulders and arms then the euro. The low paddle position plus the fact its a lot like shifting from a high gear on a bike to a low gear the cadence gets faster but the work is easier.

There is also the advantage of using the whole paddle. If I want power I simply switch to a sliding stroke using more of the blade in the water. That skinny stick is also a real advantage in the wind. Remember that a feathered euro paddle only really helps if the wind is directly on the nose. If its from a quarter or side there is little advantage.

With my greenland style I simply tuck forward and keep the loom close to my belly and the deck.

Rolling is a lot easier too. (I know what your going to say about fat blade versus skinny!) but beleive me its a fact. being symetrical the paddle automaticly orients itself correctly to the water surface (if its cedar wood its even better due to the boyancy) Again, you use the whole paddle for the sweep.

Bracing or skulling same thing (no worry about blade orientation)

My suggestion: Try it (you won't like it) try it again and again and before you know it that euro will be stashed under the bungies most of the time.

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