spring back of flush hatc

Posted by Patrick Forrester on May 25, 2005

I have made my jigs for flush mount hatch covers. Each about perfectly matches the radius of my wr 18 deck. They also match the plans that came with flush mount hatch kit. All good.

I was browsing the web and found a page on the clc website ( I can not find it any more ) that had detailed instructions for making your own flush mount hatches (ie without the kit )

It said to make a jig with a radius of 1" less than your deck to allow for spring back.

The clc flush mount plans, clc planing guide, my jig and my deck all match about perfectly. I only have 1 chance to properly laminate my hatch cut outs for a good radious. If there is a spring back on the hatch covers (as the clc web page indicated) after lamination it will not match my deck.

Does anybody have experience with laminating flush mount hatch covers, and spring back ?

Should I sand my jig down to make the radious smaller than my deck to allow for sping back after lamination ?

Or am I worrying about nothing ?


Patrick Forrester