Re: How many sanding disk

Posted by Steve Miller on May 24, 2005

They will be cheaper in 100 packs of sticky disk paper. The hook and loop (velcro) disks are nice but really expensive. You might use 50 of 80 but I doubt it. A box of 100 for the 220 and 400 will last many projects. Think of it this way - what ever is left will be there for the maintenance and refinish down the road. And there is no worse feeling than running out of paper in the middle of a good zen like sanding work session.

If you try to buy fewer disks and run out then you will probably spend as much for two smaller packs as you would have originally for the 100. Good Mirka disks are about $17 per 100 for sticky disks. Mirka are made in Finland and I use them for wet sanding too. Don't throw the disks out when you change them. Fold in half and use for hand sanding. The worn disks are perfect for that.

Avoid buying them in a big box store - way too spendy.

In Response to: How many sanding disks? by raul calzadilla on May 24, 2005