Squirrel Damage!

Posted by Chris Taylor on May 24, 2005

Don't let this happen to you! I had my 2 CH16s hanging all winter overhead in my garage. I though "why not store a bunch of stuff like spray skirts, cockpit covers, foam seats and hip braces, etc. in the boats? I think you know where this story is going... Squirrels got in somehow and did a bunch of damage to my gear, including chewing the 1" strapping for foot brace and seat-back adjustment. Now that's going to be a pain to replace as I will have to crawl in to pull out and re-nstall the foot brace mechanisms. In future, I will store all gear in the house and I will sling the boats upside-down in winter so the little buggers can't get in the cockpit and hatches. It seems a little pest control is in order too. I am happy to report that no chewing of the boats occurred. I guess epoxy and glass is not so appetizing.