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Posted by Mislav on May 22, 2005

More about placement. Piantedosi site shows sliding seat placement such as that the back of the seat is exactly at amidships with legs fully streched. Measuring around while sitting in the sliding seat I found that in this position the back of the seat is about 5" away from the front of monorail. Therefore the front of monorail should be 5" front of amidships. Since my measured LOA is 247" it follows that:

monorail front = 247/2 - 5 = 118.5"

I'm not sure if I mounted foot strechers at the right place.

Other sources I found say that the oarlocks should be placed at 40 - 42% of LOA distance from the stern. Oarlocks are mounted 30" back from monorail front. Therefore:

for 40%: (0.6 * 247) - 30" = 118.2" for 42%: (0,58 * 247) - 30" = 113.26"

It's likely that higher values should fit taller rowers.

Based on my height (190 cm) it looks like I should be shooting for about 117". But before I start gluing I would really appreciate if someone could confirm my calculations.

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