RowWing placement

Posted by Mislav on May 19, 2005

I was measuring around the hull for RowWing mounting plate and bracket placement when I noticed the following in Oxford shell plans:

1. front bulkhead distance to bow: 111" 2. RowWing monorail front distance to bow: 113.5" 3. distance from mounting plate front to the back of hold-down bracket (same as front of monorail): 3.5"

Now since: 111" + 3.5" = 114.5" < 113.5"

and since I glued front bulkhead exactly at 111" it seems that I'm missing at least 1", right? And that would be if the front of mounting plate touched front bulkhead. At the other hand sketches in plans show mounting plates moved away from bulkheads a few inches or so. Am I missing something or the dimensions shown on plans are incorrect?



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