O k o u m e F e s t 2005

Posted by CLC on May 16, 2005

Thanks to everyone for an exceptional event on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Thanks also to the weather, for not raining on Saturday or Sunday morning. The rain waited, instead, until everybody had left and the tired but cheerful staff were ready to load the boats up to cart back to CLC.

We'll put more photos of the event on the phone when we get a chance. We'll also give a rundown on the prize-winners, who, briefly, included:

Honorable Mentions: Stephen Petrie--cool Pax 18, Allan Krissoff--Lulu the Skerry, Laszlo Morocz--Chesapeake 16LT (I'll remember that horrific photo at next year's awards ceremony, Laszlo!), Mark Anderson--pimped out custom kayak, Greg Goltz--a Chesapeake 17LT with a remarkable staining job, and Dave Ericson--a varnished West River 18.

"Furthest Distance Traveled" went to members of the Ong family, from Connecticut.

"Most Surfaces Sanded" went to Bob Thurber's immaculate Eastport Pram rendition.

"Best Finish" went to Joey Schott for his perfectly (and I do mean PERFECTLY) executed Chesapeake 17 and Chesapeake Double.

"Best in Show" went to Butch Hopkins for his West River 18, with its birdseye-maple deck overlays and its subtle execution.

As always a tough call on the prizes, as there were a great many beautiful boats at OkoumeFest. Ladies and gentlemen, start your sanders for next year....


The first of the photos...


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