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Posted by terry on May 16, 2005

Hi Wade,

I've had Fineline lift paint and varnish on several occassions. Some years back, I actually called 3M to learn more about the limitations of Fineline. I was told that it should be removed after each coat as soon as the the finish is tacky. They also cautioned using it in sunlight, as the heat makes the glue even more tenacious and exacerbates the lifting.

I now use Fineline only over raw epoxy, like for the deck varnish coats. I put it on and leave it on for the four or so coats, them run single edge razor blade very lightly along the tape-varnish edge prior to removal. To mask off the new varnish prior to painting, I use a fresh (as in CLEAN) roll of the 3M safe release blue paper tape. If you lay this carefully along the edge of the dried varnish, then roll it down hard with a wallpaper roller, it will yield a very neat, sharp edge. It can be left on until all the paint coats are done, followed by another edging with the razor blade prior to tape removal. I've never had this blue tape lift paint/varnish.


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