Re: Weather curse broken!

Posted by J.Schott on May 15, 2005

I found the rain on the way home. Had to stop about a mile from 95 because my truck had suddenly developed a hard list to the left from cross winds. Two storms and an hour and a half later, I stopped just south of Lorton to pump the boats out. It was kind of funny because everyone at the rest stop was looking at my like I was crazy as I was pumping the boats out. The 17 (which was on it's side ) was holding as much water as it could, it was spilling out of the cockpit. The double had water that covered both seats! Hope everyone at the campground was spared the downpour. The weather was beautiful at o-fest and I met a lot of neat people there. I will surely be back next year.

In Response to: Weather curse broken! by Laszlo on May 15, 2005