Re: Flush Hatch thickness

Posted by george on May 14, 2005

I used the cutout patterns for my hatch lids, and used the 'extra' hatch lids (intended for external hatch lids - oversized compared to the cutout )- for the underdeck 'lip', used the ribs for stiffeners, filleted the rib/underhatchlid nicely, and attached a 'hook' to the ends of the ribs to attach the underdeck bungees. Works great, looks good, IMO. I would say, however, that using this method, the front hatch entry is too small, since you lose 1.5" due to the hatch lip. I'd use the same cutout front and rear, the larger pattern. That would have necessitated buying more plywood, and I was in a hurry! That said, works well, pretty dry.

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