Re: Flush Hatch thickness

Posted by George K on May 14, 2005


I made my own recessed hatch (only using one on the aft deck) using the deck cut-out and the 6mm stiffeners that came with the kit. They send you three for the aft hatch but I only used two, one on each end of the hatch. Just make sure they're the same radius as the deck. A little trimming will probably be necessary. That way you don't have to make a mold to glue two pieces of okume together and hope the spring back is the proper radius. It also keeps the weight down. I agree that the cut-out with one layer of 4 oz glass is strong enough. Also, with only one thickness of plywood the hatch spacers are down to one layer, not two, which is less cutting/fitting/glueing. You can use most of the parts that came with the kit if you still have them.

I'm using under the deck bungies to hold down the hatch so I cut notches in the stiffeners for the bungie to slip into. Makes for an easy and efficient way to do it.


In Response to: Flush Hatch thickness by SteveC on May 14, 2005