Flush Hatch thickness

Posted by SteveC on May 14, 2005

I am in the process of retrofitting flush hatches to my 2 year old 17LT that was built without hatches. The instructions say to laminate the peice of the deck that was cut out, i.e. the hatch cover, to another layer of 4 mm plywood, increasing the hatch thickness to 8mm. Likewise, there are hatch rings that mount under the deck that are supposed to become two layers thick between the underside of the deck and the "shelf" that the hatch will sit on. Now I am wondering way this thickness is necessary.

In laminating the layered hatch on the mold, I am concerned that the hatches will ultimately spring back to a point where they become flatter than the surrounding deck, particularly the front one. I am thinking to leave the hatch only 4mm thick - If is is strong enoungh for the deck, it must be strong enough for the hatch. Currently, the cut outs have retained the original deck curvature.

Any comments from experience flush hatch builders? CLC?

I am looking to complete this task this afternoon.

Many tahnks in advance.

Steve C



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