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Posted by Steve Miller on May 13, 2005

I remove it between coats. Actually getting the same line for the following coats is pretty much a no brainer. 3M Fine Line is plastic tape that stretches and with some care you can duplicate the lines exactly, I remove it mostly since I was taught to do it by a guy who gets good results and I have has really rotten results waiting to remove it at the end. Yes, the fear is tearing or otherwise ruining the line if you wait till you are done to pull the tape. I have read that some guys will run a razor knife along the tape to cut a clean edge before pulling the tape but I won't do that - no knife cuts going clear through my finish thank you very much.

The tape can stay on for a few days. Cool weather is your friend now.

If you pull the tape each coat then you must pull it just as soon as the paint sets but before it is hard. If you wait too long you will mess it up. Obviously you can't do it right away either but I find that 30 minutes or so, maybe less, seems to work fine on oil based paints like porch paint or Brightsides.. Do a test area first!

The photo shows lines on paint with many coats of each color and varnish too. Not a kayak though.

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