Fine Line tape

Posted by Wade on May 13, 2005

Hi all,

I've read posts disussing the need (or not) to remove the 3M Fine Line tape between coats of primer or paint. I'm wondering if anybody has some clarification on why they like to remove it.

I'm currently applying primer to the hull and sides with red paint to follow. The deck will be varnished later. I originally intended to get through a few more coats and not worry about this but The weather went from a high/low of 70/55 to 49/27 so its a little chilly to be painting in the unheated garage.

Is the concern only with pulling up the paint it is applied onto, or might it lift the paint that is being applied over the tape as well?

Is there an issue with it leaving sticky residue so its hard to get the surface clean when you remove it?

If you do remove it between coats, how do you maintain a clean edge? Getting a 2nd taping in exactly the same place as the first seems next to impossible, so I might end up with primer showing between the paint and the varnish area.

Right now the tape is applied over epoxy, so I think I have less of a concern. True? Also, since its cooler out right now, do I have a little more time to leave the tape on?

Thanks for any suggestions!




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