Re: 16LT to launch at O-f

Posted by Mac on May 13, 2005


I think my wife is of the same mind regarding naming things. Last weekend we launched her and her new (and first) kayak in 40mph North Easterly winds and 14" white caps (yep, I measured em). The champagne missed the deck when she poured - the wind was that strong.

Her first ride consisted of a death grip on her new ultralite Pacific Designs paddle, a 50 foot circular paddle, and MANY French Canadian explatives - most of which are too long to carve into the bow.

I hope this weekend will be much calmer and I can entice her into another try. If she piddles around the lake with it long enough - as she is wont to do - I'm sure to hear her talking to it eventually and a name will come.

I hope your wife's first experience is wonderful and that she falls in love with her kayak right off the bat.

Have a SUPER launch.


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