Re: 16LT to launch at O-f

Posted by Laszlo on May 13, 2005

CLC says that Camp Letts will permanently uninvite us if we bring alcohol, so the champagne is out :-(.

No idea on the name. I think her philosphy for boat names is the same as for kittens - play with the kitten for a bit and it'll tell you its name. During the building process I've been thinking of it as the Bionic Toothpick, but I suspect that's not gonna be the final choice.

The weather service has been calling for mid-70's on Saturday for 2 days in a row now (though the chance of rain & thunderstorms has increased to 40% overnight), so maybe the chicken entrails have all finally lined up for them. I'm looking forward to racing the Toothpick against the Passagemaker.

See everyone there,


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