Re: Haleluia!

Posted by Mislav on May 13, 2005

Thanks guys. Taping complete, so no more unzipping I expect. Still a lot of surprises along the way I guess.

I have cut the tape from the cloth diagonally, as per Sam Devlin's advise, but since it still had the tendency to unravel I used masking tape trick (stick masking tape to cloth along the cutting lines and cut through the tape). This eliminated unraveling completely, but it did have the tendency to create wrinkles so I had a hard time convicing it to stay flat over the seams. Perhaps some kind of elastic masking tape would be beneficial in this procedure. The advantage is I guess that now I have a kind of biaxial arrangement over the seams. In fact the fibers lay over the seams at four different angles, since I have glued two layers of tape.

In Response to: Haleluia! by Robert N Pruden on May 12, 2005