16LT to launch at O-fest

Posted by Laszlo on May 12, 2005

The last bit of epoxy went on last night. Today and Friday everything cures, Friday evening the seat and foot braces go in and Saturday morning my wife's brand new 16LT, demurely clad in its epoxy underwear, will slip into the welcoming waters of the Rhode River for the first time.

This, BTW for all you CLC staff, is a textbook case of how Okoumefest is supposed to work on a business level. We attended last year and, between bouts of torrential rain that made us wonder if the promise made to Noah was about to be re-negotiated, my wife tried out the entire selection of the smaller kayaks and fell in love with the feel of the 16LT. The next month I bought the kit and here we are launching at the next Okoumefest. Hope it's drier than last year.