watch your legs!

Posted by Mislav on May 12, 2005

Those who read my temperature post would know that I tabbed my shell and then had to wait few days because of the temperature drop. Now the weather is fine and I have started my gluathlon. After wires came out (very easily) I started to hand sand very lightly the tabs and epoxy around them. Since this was my first hull I was of course afraid of the unzipping, so I used both my hands to hold and "feel" the wood around tabs very gently and I was so concentrated on this task that I didn't notice the leg of my sawhorse resting firmly on the floor. Instantly I tripped over the sheer and my hand instinctively found it's way right to the keel - CRAAAAACK! Minor unzipping luckily, only 3 - 4 tabs in all three seams broke. Fortunately I was near the stern area that I had tabbed heavily. No major damage. I immobilized the seams with the tape on the outside and additionally secured the keel from the bottom. Then I sanded the rest, glued bow and stern, filled the holes with toothpicks, filleted everything and laid the tape. I am pretty satisfied for how it looks at the moment.

Thew moral of the story is - when you try to be careful and gentle do this with both your hands and legs and the whole body. Mouth too (I wonder if my neighbors heard what I had to say after this little accident).