Re: CH18 near the end

Posted by Mac on May 11, 2005


Sanding (and fairing) are what will make your kayak a thing of beauty. That's an 18 foot guitar you have there, and the finish is what folk are going to see. No matter how well you apply the varnish and paint, if the surface is lumpy and bumpy to begin with, the finish will only magnify the imperfections.

Please take my advice and spend the time to sand well before rushing to finish. When you think you've done sanding, wet the boat down with lots of water and look carefully. Are you SURE it wouldn't benefit from one more pass?

Sanding isn't a death sentence or punnishment - we often joke about it that way - but it makes all the difference in any wood project. You've invested a ton of money and time so far, this will make it all worth while.

All thre best,


In Response to: CH18 near the end by Kemp on May 10, 2005