Texas Builders Bash Bump

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 10, 2005

I just saw this on the TKKB '05 report thread, which is now way the hell down there... So I'm bumpin' it back up to the top. Sorry, but abusing privileges is a way of life with me.

From 'kerry':

"We Arizona Kayak Builders had a blast at The Bash. It really was a great event, and meeting the people behind the names was great. John's boats have to be seen in person to believe! Kurt is actually the wild man we see on the forum! Hardly wait until next year."

Hey, you guys were truly a highlight of the whole deal! Imagine, us drawing folks all the way from Arizona! And y'all were such great fun, too! Yessir, you bet I remember you and your lovely wife (who, saint-like, somehow puts up with the likes of you:).

I regret that I was too busy runnin' around like an idiot to paddle your Great Auk, a design I have coveted from the very beginning. The Endeavor, too. Alas. So much life to live, and so short on time we ever are.

It was superduper GREAT that the Bash came off so perfectly - way past our wildest hopes - but bittersweet too. Why, I hardly had time to enjoy the event for myself. But it's okay, I'm sure I can continue to live somehow...

I likewise regret that I consider personal integrity a boon to the ol' spirit, and failed to sneak home with at least some of the great door prizes CLC donated. Ah well, maybe I'll be reincarnated into a John Dillinger next time 'round, and have a full and satisfying life that way.

Oh wait, he was gunned down in the end, wasn't he? Well, crap. Never mind.

Cheers! Kurt


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