Posted by Robert N Pruden on May 10, 2005

If you really want to save a lot of time and speed up the finishing process: if you get a nice finish after wetting out the glass (i.e. no major flaws), you can do the fill coats within 6 hours of glassing. The newly wetted out glass should be just tacky to the touch. If there are some smaller runs, use a sharp scraper to carefully scrape them off. Use a brush or spreader to spread on the fill coat. That is about a 2-3 hr job. After the first fill coat, repeat in another 6 hours and keep repeating until you don't see any weave showing. You do not have to do any fill coats once the weave disappears. You are done when you have a smooth finish with no weave showing. If you add any more coats, you are only adding weight to your boat and wasting epoxy unnecessarily. The strength of the hull is in the glass/epoxy combination so any extra epoxy will make little difference.

You will probably lose sleep if you do the fill coats soon after glassing but it really speeds the process up a lot.

Robert N Pruden

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