Re: Fiberglassing How To

Posted by Chris Taylor on May 10, 2005

For glassing the hull and deck, the one thing I would stress is to work with small batches of fresh epoxy - especially if it is warm. I work with a 1/2 cup or so at a time. This way the stuff stays very fluid and wets the glass easily. All the pumping and mixing gets tedious, but it is worth it. As soon as the epoxy starts to "kick" it doesn't soak in as well and you may end up with dry weave, floating glass and bumps before you know what is happening. I pour it on a little at a time and work it in gently with a semi-flexible plastic squegee that I have sanded the edge with 400 grit to ensure there are no barbs. Try to keep your strokes moving from the keel to the shear. Start at the centre and work towards the bow and stern. For the first coat, just try to wet out the glass (weave should be wet, but not filled out), being careful to work out excess that can "float" the glass. Work slowly and methodically. Give yourself enough uninterupted time to finish the coat. Remember - small batches. Maybe get someone to mix small batches continually as you work.

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