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Posted by Robert N Pruden on May 9, 2005

Are you about to glass the outside of the hull? I'll offer you a very detailed step-by-step once I know what you are doing. If you are glassing the outside of the hull, have you - filletted all joints and sanded them smooth? Is your keel perfectly straight? If it isn't, you can break the panel joints easily and fix this. Is your boat on a level surface? Level surface means the boat rests straight and true. Once the glass goes on, any twists and disfigurements become permanent features of your boat. Did you do a seal coat in preparation for glassing?

Fill me in on how you prepped the hull up to this point.

FYI: I have built two S&G Waters Dancing Lightning 17 S&G kits and one S&G 17' TK-1 trainer called the Raven, it's a racing kayak. I have some ideas that should help you find a little more peace of heart before you start the glassing. I know it's a scary stagfe but once you do it, as Mac says, you'll understand that preparation is most of the work. Expect glassing to last 4-6 hours, depending on how quickly you work and how hot or cold it is outside. Ideal temperature for glassing is 70 F or 20 C. At that temp the glue is thin enough to soak into the glass quickly but not hot enough to set too quickly. You want to work smoothly, not too fast and not to quickly. Depending on what hardener you use, the glue will start setting within a half-hour so you do not want to make large batches of glue.

I'll write-up a how-to after you tell me what you have done to prep the hull.

Robert N Pruden

Let me know, then I'll walk you through it.

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