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Posted by Brett on May 9, 2005

one other thing I forgot. When you fillet your bulkheads a slightly different technique worked well for me. I used mostly epoxy thickened with slica and then just a little woodflour for the color, and I made them really a thick paste. My first bulkhead was the suggested CLC way of expoxy+flour and it was chunky which yelded rough fillets and also I didn't make it thick enough and I got a little sagging. If you want really nice bulkhead fillet wait until the epoxy has almost gone off so it is barely pliabale and roll your thimb or finger over the fillets and you will get a great smooth finish. I stuck with the CLC expoy+flour mix for the keel and chine fillets and other than being wavy they came out well - its pretty hard to screw them up because you have gravity working on your side to settle and smooth them out.

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