my experience

Posted by Brett on May 9, 2005

Im halfway through my first boat, just about to glass the deck. I can suggest the following from my first expereince. Firstly - dont underestimate the time it will take. I ended up with a torch fighting darkness because it took me double the expected time the first time I fiberglassed the hull. Second, I would let the fillets cure until firmish before laying the tape on top - or you will end up with wavy fillets like me. Third, use the squeege on the outside of the hull - it made my first job look awsome - the hull looks great and it works well around the the chines. Fourth - dont rush the prep, time here is well spent making sure everything is perfect before you start mixing epoxy - have a dry run at everything. Five - enjoy it - since I have done my hull I have learnt a lot about fiberglass and it gave me the confidence to tackle other jobs such as rebuilding the fibreglass engine cover off my aeroplane.

Hope that helps. Brett

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