Re: temp beam stick remov

Posted by CLC on May 9, 2005

:>>>>>>>>>Should I make a stick that pushes the sheer clamps out?


Pictures being worth a thousand words and all that, in the video the spreader stick is in place during cockpit fillets & taping. You'll want something holding the beam at close to the final number while the epoxy cures.

Usually the bulkheads will do a good enough job of holding the sides at the right width that you can take the spreader stick out temporarily while you do the work in the cockpit area. Put the stick back in before you pack it in for the evening, so that the hull cures at the right width.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> And try to get the glass to lay just below it? Or should I do the fillets and glass tape and let they setoff for 24hrs and then put my cockpit glass in? With this "wait" method will I have to sand the cockpit before I put the glass in?


If you can, you get better results doing the cockpit fabric at the same time as you do the fillets and 'glass tape. It all congeals into a unified whole, as it were, whereas when done in separate steps you have to sand down the rough edge of the cured 'glass tape and so on.

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