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Posted by FrankP on May 9, 2005


First, relax and breath. There isn't anything you can do to your boat that you can't fix.

Second, I'll disagree with Dick regarding the manuals, depending on what you bought. But, I will agree that the manuals generally point you in the right direction.

Some people have given tips on here to wet out the tape (not the cloth, the tape) before rolling it onto the fillets. I didn't do that but didn't have any real problems with my tape either.

In general, go light with the epoxy. It's better to not have enough and need to add a little than to have too much and have to sand it away. Get everything how you like it before putting the epoxy on the glass. For tape, put it on the fillets while they are still green (semi-soft) and they will soak up a little epoxy from the fillet and you will get a better chemical bond as well. For cloth, make sure you secure it where you want it, with clamps or something. There are lots of good ideas floating around here, if you can just search through the archives (I'm never really lucky with that).


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