temp beam stick removal

Posted by jeremy on May 9, 2005

I'm building an LT17 and it's time to expoy the fillets and the inside of the hull. I've got the temporary beam stick in there and the hull is opened up to the right beam width. The stick is needed to keep the hull open though. When I remove it the hull shrinks 2 or so inches.

When in the process of making the fillets and glassing the cockpit should I remove the temporary beam stick? My stick is stuck below the sheer clamps. So I can't get a layer of glass in there covering the inside of the sheer clamps with the stick in there.

Should I make a stick that pushes the sheer clamps out? And try to get the glass to lay just below it? Or should I do the fillets and glass tape and let they setoff for 24hrs and then put my cockpit glass in? With this "wait" method will I have to sand the cockpit before I put the glass in?

This seems like it should be a common question but a search of the archive turned up zilch. Am I missing something?