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Posted by directtv on May 7, 2005 which in Sinclair's conjuror's direct tv mind range from Bram Stoker's Dracula dish network (Dracula's English pied ? terre is satellite located close to the present-day direct tv motorway) to Ballardian ideas about satellite consumerist landscapes and the "transcendental satellite tv boredom" they invoke (Ballard himself direcway appears in the film) to conspiracy dishnetwork theories and the omnipresence of dishnetwork camera surveillance on and around satellite tv the motorway. (The single most compelling direcway sequence of the film for me was some directway apparently authentic footage from directv a motion-sensitive surveillance camera directv which followed two people--perfectly directtv innocent, as far as one could tell--across dish network a car park until it lost them behind directv acol-online.comnm

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