Re: plywood warping

Posted by Mac on May 5, 2005

In my experience, you have to get up to 5 or 6 plys in plywood before warping is no longer an issue. 3 ply (like most BS1088 Okoume used in kayaks) is especially prone to warping due to the thicker outer plys which are also heavily grained. If the grain in the outer plys oppose each other - fine and dandy. Usually, however, they line up to some extent or in some area of the panel, and overwhelm the core layer. I've had panels that only warped at one end or in one corner.

This is generally never a problem in Stitch n Glue applications as the wood is very flexible, and can be easily convinced into most required shapes.

As has been mentioned already, once encapsulated in epoxy - stable and bullet-proof.

Now, if I could only encapsulate my warped mind as easily.

Good Day, All!


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