Re: plywood warping

Posted by Karl on May 4, 2005

When I set up to glue the scarfs on my 18, I layed them down on a set of 1"x12"s that I had picked up at a local sawmill (the price was right). After aligning everything, I had to take a couple of days off from working on the boat. Upon getting back to it, I dicovered that the lumber hadn't been kiln dried. Not only had the platform changed shape, but the moisture wicked right into the plywood panels laid on top, causing them to have a decided upward curve! Since they were laid on top of each other the left and right panels ended up being curved in the same manner, i.e. left panel curved towards the right, right towards the right.

Long story short. Once I glued the sheer clamps and spread/stitched the hull it all came out in the wash. I just had to spend a little more time making sure that everything was fair when tightening the stitches, and setting up for filleting. The hull came out fine in the long run. Once you set it into 'glass it's not going to change.

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