Re: plywood warping

Posted by Howard on May 4, 2005

my experience is that it is all but impossible to unwarp the wood. however, you can definitely use the material and get a well built, fair hull and straight bulkheads.

for bulkheads you will need a a glue gun or extra wires to ensure that the bulkhead is straightened out prior to epoxying it in place. the extra wires or glue can be used to pull it straight.

for hull panels, the curve induced in the hull in the stitching process almost always overcomes any warping.

i have built several boats and have minimized warping in my later boats by not unpacking bits until i am ready to work with them...and then once i am ready to go...i work quick.

i have found that if you keep stuff tightly packed on flat tends to stay that way. but once a single sheet is loose...a warp almost always develops within a couple days.

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