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Posted by Ice - Phil on May 4, 2005

"No known last location basically makes the entire area for a 10 mile radius a reasonable search area and that's just too big even if half of it is land, you're still talking about a 200+ square miles of area to search; it takes several hours (minimum) to search 1 square mile."

Frank, They had the putin location, the search grid covered 40 square miles and they were using helicopters also. Just got this also;

"According to the report, it already has prompted the Coast Guard to review its search operations. Certainly finding a small boat in a big ocean is a daunting task, particularly when the search didn't begin for nearly 24 hours after the boat entered the ocean." The USCG Grid only covered 40 square miles though. Questions raised; why wasn't the Gulf Stream factored in; why limit the search to 40 square miles with the wind and currents pushing them North and why weren't adjacent Stations notified (Little River Inlet, Wrightsville Beach & Moorehead City)?? Could it have been a USCG thing, Charleston is in the USCG 7th District and they were recovered in the 5th District? What does Comander June Ryan say?

Sidenote: I don't know who she is.

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