Re: MC 16.5: How to carto

Posted by Dave on May 4, 2005

I used the stock racks on a Jeep wagon for a couple of years but last year indulged myself with Yakima racks attached to the rain gutters (attach and detach very quickly and securely) with the hully rollers and a saddle (on sale). The rollers and saddle are overkill but work great. Also a foot of PVC pipe rotating on the after rack pipe to get the bow started. Inverted "vee" 5/16" tiedowns fore and aft with truck driver hitches serve my belt and supenders instincts. Works fine on bouncy unimproved mountain roads as well as I-25 with big cross winds. I cut down a cheap tarp to lash on for a cockpit cover. Have a big cart to get up and down steep mountain slopes. Whatever the rig, you'll find the MC16.5 easy to load, unload and launch single handed. Nice ride too. Dave

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