Re: Deck Plates

Posted by Rich Pearsall on May 4, 2005

I put 6 inch Becksons in my mill creek 13 bulkheads. Just dont forget to keep them loose when transporting the boat. I left the back one to tight but loosened the front one going from my home in Valencia, ca. 1200 feet above sea level and 102 degrees to ventura at sea level and 72 degrees. Tha aft deck was all squished from the increase in air pressure but there was no damage to the hull. It was like opening a vacumed packed can of coffee when I twisted the deck plate to relieve the pressure differential. Big hiss and the deck popped back up. Had i gone the other way im sure it would have poped a seam. Im sure the regular deck hatches cant seal this tightly so it's not an issue for boats with them. Happy paddeling

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