Re: assembling the hull

Posted by CLC on May 3, 2005

>>>>>>>I have wired up the #1 planks, they dont lie flat, but i dont think they are supposed to.


Right. The panels are trying to draw themselves up into a boat shape---the magic of the stitch-and-glue geometry at work before your very eyes.

What you should do next is to wire on the #2 panels, leaving the bow and stern (bow and bow?) of the #1 panels unwired for now, so that they lay flat on the horses as seen in your photo. Wiring on the #2's will cause the panels to pull up into a something of a 3D shape.

With the #2's wired onto the #1's, go ahead and wire together the ends of both the #1 and #2 panels. Now you have a canoe, albeit a very shallow one.

Continue by adding the rest of the panels. The rest of them will go very easily.

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