Re: Pics from the Texas B

Posted by Doug Rhude on May 3, 2005

Yeah Kurt, (Another) 15 strokes & heck, we might have seen a speed record! (for me anyways!)Ha! Ha! That's truly gonna be a fun boat to master! & FAST,..Man,what a blast!...How'd you like them "flutter" strokes?!!(GRIN) Gerald was laughing to hard to stay uprite anyways! He had great fun! I was amazed at how quickly you've learned all those rolls & re-entries, very cool to watch! You & John put on quite a demonstration!...Makes me want to try it sometime....Handy for coolin' off I'll bet! I hope we have a Bash every year from now on! We need this down here in Texas, A lot of beautiful boats built down here, & it's great to get a chance to see them all!(not to mention all the B.S.'n that goes on!...Boots Required!) Thanks guys, Doug Rhude

In Response to: Pics from the Texas Bash by John Caldeira on May 3, 2005



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