Re: Deck Plates

Posted by Mac on May 3, 2005

Gafrick and Mislav,

For the price of the rectangular plate, I'm wondering if a flush kit from CLC mounted vertically, or some such arrangement could be achieved in okoume.

The reason I bring this up is I added a day hatch to my 19 foot kayak last Fall, made by the Valley Canoe folk. It works wonderfully, but it's made of black plastic and vinyl. I didn't think of the change this addition would make to a wooden boat. Nor did I listen to the subtle hints from those on this forum who tried to warn me.

If I were to add a hatch cover to a flat surface like a bulkhead, I think I'd try out a magnetic arrangement like Tony Calvert's flush hatches - which seem to have worked out very well on his decks.

As usual, only my humble opinion.


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