Re: UP for Canoes Too

Posted by Mac on May 2, 2005

For years I transported my Sports Pal (very light) canoe the "traditional" way - as you would portage it over your head - or upside down. I always had a devil of a time keeping the durn thing from wanting to lift the roofracks right off the car.

Then one day, we had to also transport a ton of sleeping bags as well, and had no place in the car for them. In a bold move, we decided to place the canoe right-side-up with the bed rolls tied inside. The weather was fine and we only had about 60 miles of highway driving.

Well guess what? Without the wind blasting up the windshield and getting into the canoe's interior, it stayed in place perfectly. (Of course I used bow and stern lines as well).

I got a lot of honks from other (wiser) sportsmen who were tapping their temples in the universal way, but I really think I've discovered something - aerodynamics must include the uplift coming from the bow of the vehicle - especially on a mini-van. Also, in a low slung car with a long canoe, the forward visibility is much improved.

Obviously, rain is a big factor with a canoe and certainly not an issue with a kayak equiped with a cockpit cover.

I believe that right-side-up is the best way to go with a kayak, as the V or rounded hull will cut the windshield's uplift better than the flatter deck shape.

So there!


In Response to: UP by Robert N Pruden on May 1, 2005



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