cabosil vs woodflour

Posted by M Davis on May 1, 2005

Well, the instructions were right, so right. I used wood flour to thicken the epoxy for the fillets and tabs. It worked as advertised. Really stayed in place, even in the verticel fillet in the stern.

I thickened some epoxy with cabosil to glue the bevel cut shear clamps in the bow. So far so good.

However, I decided to (what was I thinking???) put in a masking tape dam in the bow and fill the section under the shear clamps at the same time. Bad Idea. The cabosil epoxy went in OK and the shear clamps were glued. Then little by little the extra cabosil thicken epoxy seeped thru the dam and down the bow. At least the bow fillet will be really strong. Yes cabosil and wood flour are completely differnt.

Moral of the story is to read the instructions - first - and believe the posts on this forum.

Happy building, MD


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