One more 'Safety' Comment

Posted by Ice - Phil on May 1, 2005

Just got off the phone with my son who had been involved (in an unoffical capacity) with the behind the scenes search for the two teens that were lost on a Sunfish out of Charleston, S.C.

The teens were on a 14' Sunfish last Sunday, with no sail and only paddles. The USCG called off the Search on Wednesday after a 48 hour search saying that they probably drown in in the Inlet. Two of my sons friends, who were involved with the search, called him for help in trying to figure the set & drift out of Charleston, since he is a water person and had lived in Wilmington, NC and worked on Bald Head Island at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. They all agreed that if they were adrift that they would be heading up the coast towards Wilmington.

This morning they were picked up by the Renegade, a fishing vessel out of Little River, SC about 7 miles SE of the Cape Fear River.

They can't understand how the Search & Resuce could be called off after only 48 hours. Any Coasties here?

Just passing this along.



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