Re: WR 18 ring bulkheads

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Apr 23, 2005

Good lord, on first read I thought you were using a Michelson interferometer on your bow... then again, on second read that is still what it looks like :)

I had the gap at the keel issue, too. The foreward ring bulkhead fit better than aft, but I needed to trim both with a block plane to get the keel to close up. The aft one was trickier because taking off more material changed the lengths of the facets which required a bit more futzing on the next set (the ones for the bilgeboards? whatever). It just takes patience -- trim a bit, check the fit, curse lightheartedly, trim a bit, check the fit... Good luck.


In Response to: Re: WR 18 ring bulkheads by M Davis on Apr 22, 2005