Re: WR 18 ring bulkheads

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Apr 21, 2005

If memory serves (which it does less often these days), I did what Cliff did and got the ends stitched together first and it sort of flopped into rough shape at which point I added the cockpit bulkheads. More tightening, then the ring bulkheads. If you are going to leave the ring bulkheads in but want better access, Cliff is right to say you should definitely do that before the deck goes on. I seem to recall posts from way back suggesting putting clear packing tape on the ring bulkhead edges and the inside of the hull before stitching if you wanted ultimately to remove them entirely after glassing the hull. The idea is to prevent them from accidentally getting glued in place. I think you'd stitch them in, do your tabbing, and then cut the stitches but leave the bulkheads in place. Better try a search of the archives (I know the original posts from winter 2004 are long gone, but others may have written since then) or ask again when the time comes. As for your S curve (peak-to-peak, huh? sure that's not rms?) the board trick and sufficient epoxy will almost certainly take care of that. Good luck.


In Response to: Re: WR 18 ring bulkheads by M Davis on Apr 20, 2005