Re: MC 16.5 Minicell Seat

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 21, 2005

Okay, how about making a pair of wooden "chairs", kinda like those already designed for the MC series, only "stylized" a bit with an eye towards comfort? Adapt a lawn chair design, maybe? Modified Anirondaks, or however the hell you spell it? Them's comfy, at least, they is on the ol' croquet meadow, which the Texas coast is fairly littered with. Not.

Terry points out that the MC16.5 has lots of acreage to play with inside, so the possibilities are certainly there. It could end up being cheap, too.

Besides, wood is cool. We all know that!

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Re: MC 16.5 Minicell Seat by terry on Apr 21, 2005